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Dè rinn thu?

What did you do?

Watch as Joy explains more about some of the words and phrases we saw and heard in the conversation.


We’re going to look at how to ask someone about something they’ve done. And we do this using the phrase:

Dè rinn thu? What did you do? Dè rinn thu?

You can use Dè rinn thu? to ask about many different things but we’ll concentrate here on phrases that’ll allow you to talk about a day out in town, and how to respond.

To ask someone what they did in town, you say:
Dè rinn thu / anns a’ bhaile? What did you do in town? Dè rinn thu anns a’ bhaile?

Now, many of us like to hit the shops – in Gaelic:

na bùithtean, na bùithtean.

And if that’s you, then you’ll probably head for the town or city centre:

meadhan a’ bhaile. Literally, “the centre of the town”. Meadhan a’ bhaile.

If you’re more into history or culture, you might want to visit a museum, a:

taigh‑tasgaidh. A house of preservation or storage, taigh‑tasgaidh.

Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have tickets for the theatre: taigh‑cluiche, literally, the playhouse. Taigh‑cluiche.

Now if someone’s asking what you did on a visit to town, they might also use the phrase:
An deach thu…? Did you go..? An deach thu..?

For example, if they were asking about the taigh‑tasgaidh, the museum:

An deach thu / dhan taigh‑tasgaidh?

Did you go to the museum? An deach thu dhan taigh‑tasgaidh?

We respond to a question beginning with “An deach..? with either the positive form which is:

Chaidh. Chaidh.

Or the negative form:

Cha deach. Cha deach.

Chaidh or Cha deach.

To say that you’ve been to the museum, it’s:

Chaidh mi / dhan taigh‑tasgaidh.

I went to the museum. Chaidh mi dhan taigh‑tasgaidh.

But if you didn’t, it would be:

Cha deach mi / dhan taigh‑tasgaidh.

I didn’t go to the museum. Cha deach mi dhan taigh‑tasgaidh.

Let’s listen to this conversation where people are talking about dè rinn iad air an deireadh‑sheachdain.