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An Tràth Teachdail (Gnìomhairean Neo Riaghailteach)

The Future Tense (Irregular Verbs)

Let’s remind ourselves of the future tense of the irregular verbs.

RootPositive StatementNegative StatementPositive QuestionNegative Question
abair/cantheirchan abairan abair?nach abair?
saywill saywill not saywill say?won’t say?
beir (air)beiridh (air)cha bheir (air)am beir (air)?nach beir (air)?
bear (catch)will bear (will catch)will not bear (catch)will bear (catch)?won’t bear (catch)?
cluinncluinnidhcha chluinnan cluinn?nach cluinn?
hearwill hearwill not hearwill hear?won’t hear?
dèancha dèanan dèan?nach dèan?
dowill do/makewill not do/makewill do/make?won’t do/make?
faicchìchan fhaicam faic?nach fhaic?
seewill seewill not seewill see?won’t see?
faighgheibhchan fhaigham faigh?nach f(h)aigh?
getwill getwill not getwill get?won’t get?
rachthèidcha tèidan tèid?nach tèid?
gowill gowill not gowill go?won’t go?
ruigruigidhcha ruigan ruig?nach ruig?
arrivewill arrive/reachwill not arrive/reachwill arrive/reach?won’t arrive/reach?
thoirbheircha toiran toir?nach toir?
givewill give/take/bringwill not give/take/bringwill give/take/bring?won’t give/take/bring?
thigthigcha tigan tig?nach tig?
comewill comewill not comewill come?won’t come?

You don’t have to remember every verb in every tense just now! Why not save this useful table in your favourites or bookmarks?