Complete for 2 points

An ceannaich mi pàipear-naidheachd an-diugh?

Will I buy a newspaper today?

Play with the sentences below until you are happy with the different answers. You know there are no wrong answers!

An ceannaich mi Will I buy Am faic mi Will I see Nach ceannaich mi Won’t I buy Nach faigh mi Won’t I get Nach fhaic mi Won’t I see

pàipear-naidheachd an-diugh?

a newspaper today?
Ceannaichidh mi Will I buy Gheibh mi I will I get Chì mi I will see Cha cheannaich mi I won’t buy Chan fhaigh mi I won’t get Chan fhaic mi I won’t see

pàipear-naidheachd an-diugh.

a newspaper today.
Thèid mi I will go Cha tèid mi I won’t/will not go Thig sinn We will come Cha tig sinn We won’t/will not come

a-steach dhan bhaile.

into the town.