Complete for 2 points

A bheil sibh an dùil …?

Do you expect …?

When we are talking about getting together with friends, we can use different types of sentences. We’re going to look at three we’ve met before, and we are going to use dol (go) and coinnich (meet).

Firstly, there are verbs of motion which we saw in A2 Cuspair 3.

A bheil thu a’ dol a choinneachadh ri Iain agus Fionnlagh?

Are you going to meet John and Finlay?

Tha sinn a’ dol a choinneachadh riutha aig an stèisean.

We are going to meet them at the station.

And we saw some examples in our conversation.

Tha iad a’ dol dhan oifis an toiseach.

They’re going to the office first.

Tha fhios aig Fionnlagh gu bheil sinn a’ dol a choinneachadh an seo.

Finlay knows that we are going to meet here.

Secondly, we’ve just looked at the future tense of regular verbs in the previous section. We had some examples in our conversation.

An coinnich sinn riutha air beulaibh an talla?

Will we meet them in front of the hall?

An tèid sinn gu oifis nan tiocaidean?

Will we go to the ticket office?

Nach tèid sinn a-steach, ma-thà?

Let’s (won’t we) go in, then?

And thirdly, you’ll remember we learnt about relative clauses in A2 Cuspair 8. We use gun (positive) and nach (negative) before the verb. Again, we had some examples in the conversation.

A bheil thu an dùil gun tig iad air an trèan no air a’ bhus?

Do you expect they will come on the train or on the bus?

Tha mi ‘n dùil gun tig Fionnlagh anns a’ chàr,

I expect Finlay will come in the car,

ach ‘s dòcha gun tig Iain air a’ bhaidhsagal.

but John will probably come on the bike.

Tha mi ‘n dòchas nach tèid Fionnlagh air an rathad-mhòr.

I hope that Finlay doesn’t go on the main road/motorway.

sa | san | sna

In the dative case the preposition anns a’, anns an, anns na can be contracted.

anns a’ bhailesa bhaile
anns a’ ghàrradhsa ghàrradh
anns an tallasan talla
anns an dachaighsan dachaigh
anns na h‑oifiseansna h‑oifisean
anns na bailteansna bailtean

anns a’ bhaile

sa bhaile

anns a’ ghàrradh

sa ghàrradh

anns an talla

san talla

anns an dachaigh

san dachaigh

anns na h-oifisean

sna h-oifisean

anns na bailtean

sna bailtean

You’re all set to go! Have a great time! Before moving on, we hope you’ll enjoy this Gaelic proverb.

Coinnichidh na daoine, ach cha choinnich na cnuic

Friends may meet, but mountains never greet (lit. The people meet, but the hills don’t meet)