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Language Byte: FAIGH

Language Byte: FAIGH

Programme 10

Learning point: Irregular verbs: FAIGH

In this programme we’ve often used the verb To GO. Another very common irregular verb is Faigh, get or find.

Faigh e! Get it! or Find it! Its past tense is Fhuair.

And the secondary form is d’ fhuair:

An d’ fhuair thu an t‑airgead? Did you get the money? and the negative, Cha d’ fhuair, No.

Its future tense, however, is completely different: Gheibh. Gheibh mi e – I’ll get or find it. But the secondary form uses the command, Faigh, as with any regular verb.

Am faigh thu sin dhomh? Will you get that for me?

And the negative, Chan fhaigh, No.