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Complete for 2 points

Fios is cuimhne

Knowledge and memory

Let’s cement our memories and knowledge.

A bheil cuimhne agad air Dè a-nis?

Do you remember Dè a-nis? (What now?)

Chan eil. Chan eil cuimhne agam air

No. I don’t remember it

Nach eil cuimhne agad air a’ phrògram air BBC ALBA?

Don’t you remember the programme on BBC ALBA?

Tha cuimhne agam air

I remember it

A bheil fios agad air seo?

Do you know about this?

Chan eil. Chan eil fios agam air seo.

No. I don’t know about this.

Nach eil fios aig do theaghlach orra?

Doesn’t your family know about them?

Tha fios aca air seo ach chan eil fios agamsa air

They know about this but I don’t know about it.