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Aithne (acquaintance)

Watch as Joy explains everything.

’S aithne dhomh Eilidh

I am acquainted with Helen

Aithne means acquaintance / familiarity / knowledge / recognition and it is normally paired up with the preposition do (to or for).

Prepositional pronouns – do

You might want to talk about who other people know. Let’s recap the prepositional pronouns for do (to / for).

dhomhto / for medhòmhsato / for me
dhutto / for youdhutsato / for you
dhato / for him / itdhàsanto / for him / it
dhito / for her / itdhìseto / for her / it
dhuinnto / for usdhuinneto / for us
dhuibhto / for youdhuibhseto / for you
dhaibhto / for themdhaibhsanto / for them

This gives us loads of sentences:

An aithne dha Calum?

Is he acquainted with Malcolm?

Nach aithne dhi Calum?

Is she not acquainted with Malcolm?

’S aithne dhuinn Calum

We are acquainted with Malcolm

Chan aithne dhuibh Calum

You are not acquainted with Malcolm

’S aithne dhaibh Calum

They are acquainted with Malcolm