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Dè tha dol agad?

What’s doing with you?

In the very first topic of A1 of SpeakGaelic, we learnt the traditional way to ask how someone is – Ciamar a tha thu? We also learnt some informal ways to ask the question in A1, but we will expand on this here. Ionnsaich na h-abairtean:

Dè tha dol agad?

What’s doing with you?

Dè tha a’ tachairt?

What’s happening?

Dè do naidheachd?

What’s your news?

Ciamar a tha cùisean?

How are matters?

Dè tha dol?

What’s doing?

Dè tha dol? literally translates as what’s is going?

Dè tha tachairt?

What’s happening?

Dè do chor?

How are you?

Dè do chor? literally translates as what’s your condition?

Dè do shunnd?

What’s your mood?

sunnd (m)


cor (m)


Anne, John and Finlay used a number of responses.

Chan eil mòran

Not much

Tha cùisean gu math

Matters are good

You might want to describe matters in a more interesting way than just gu math. Watch Joy and then learn some more.

Tha cùisean taghta

Matters are terrific

Tha cùisean gu dòigheil

Matters are well