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A bheil thu eòlach air Calum?

Do you know Calum?

John, Anne and Finlay used another new structure: eòlach + air

Eòlach means knowledgeable on or acquainted with and is always used with the air preposition.

Questions and answers for eòlach + air

Prepositional pronouns – air

You might want to talk about who other people know without using names. Let’s recap the prepositional pronouns for air (on).

ormon meormsaon / for me
orton youortsaon / for you
airon him / itairsanon him / it
oirreon her / itoirreseon her / it
oirnnon usoirnneon us
oirbhon youoirbhseon you
orraon themorrasanon them

A bheil thu eòlach air?

Do you know him?

Nach eil thu eòlach oirre?

Don’t you know her?

Tha mi eòlach orra

I know them

Chan eil mi eòlach oirbhse!

I don’t know you!