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Complete for 2 points

’S àbhaist dhomh seinn

I usually sing

’S àbhaist dhomh seinn

I usually sing

This follows the normal structure of Gaelic sentences and say “are – usually – to me – sing”

àbhaist means a norm, a usual occurence and it is usually paired up with the preposition do (to or for) to mean ‘It’s a norm for X’ , X usually (does something), like ’S àbhaist dhomh seinn – Singing is a norm for me, I usually sing.

Prepositional pronouns – do

You might want to talk about what people do! As with many things in Gaelic, it’s a case of getting to grips with the correct prepositional pronoun. Check out the ones made from do (to / for).

do + midhomhto / for me
do + thudhutto / for you
do + edhato / for him / it
do + idhito / for her / it
do + sinndhuinnto / for us
do + sibhdhuibhto / for you
do + iaddhaibhto / for them

This gives us a whole range of sentences we can use to discuss people’s habits.

An àbhaist dha seinn?

Does he usually sing?

Nach àbhaist dhi leughadh?

Doesn’t she usually read?

Is àbhaist dhuinn snàmh

We usually swim

Chan àbhaist dhuibh seinn

You don’t usually sing

’S àbhaist dhaibh fuine gach Disathairne

They usually bake every Saturday