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Complete for 2 points

A bheil cuimhne agad air a’ phàrtaidh seo?

Do you remember this party?

Let’s have a look at this conversation. By the end of this short section, you will be able to have this conversation.

Tha fios a’m gu bheil thu eòlach air Peigi, Iain! I know you know Peigi, John.
Chan aithne dhomh i. I don’t know her
Tha cuimhne aig Peigi ortsa, Iain. Peggy remembers you, John.
A bheil fios agad air an seo? Chan eil cuimhne agam oirre! Do you know this? I don’t remember her!
Chan eil fios agam carson nach eil cuimhne agad air Peigi, tha i cracte! I don’t know how you don’t remember Peggy, she is crackers!
Tha fios agam ach tha i cho laghach. Bha i a’ bruidhinn mu phàrtaidhean. A bheil cuimhne agad air pàrtaidh ann an Sruighlea dà bhliadhna air ais, Fhionnlaigh? I know but she is so kind. She was talking about parties. Do you remember a party in Stirling two years ago, Finlay?
Ò, tha. Tha cuimhne agam air. Tha fios aig Peigi cò ris a tha mi coltach. Tha cuimhne agam gun deach mi dhachaigh ach chaidh mi dhan taigh cheàrr. Oh, yes. I remember it. Peggy knows what I am like. I remember I went home and went to the wrong house.
Tha fios againn uile cò ris a tha thu coltach. We all know what you are like.