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Complete for 2 points

An aithne dhut i?

Do you know her

We have now all met, know and are acquainted with dear Malcolm. Let’s cement our knowledge.

An aithne dhomh Ealasaid?

Am I acquainted with Elizabeth? / Do I know Elizabeth?

Nach aithne dhut mi?

Do you not know me? / Do you not recognise me?

’S aithne dhìse Iain

She’s acquainted with John / She knows John?

Chan aithne dha iad

He doesn’t know them

’S aithne dhuinn sibhse

We know you

A bheil thu eòlach orm?

Do you know me?

Nach eil thu eòlach air Coinneach MacÌomhair?

Don’t you know Kenneth MacIver?

Tha iad eòlach air Mòrag

They know Marion

Chan eil sinn eòlach oirrese

We don’t know her

An do choinnich Màiri ri Iain?

Has Mary met John? / Did Mary meet John?

Nach do choinnich sibh riutha?

Have you not met them? / Did you not meet them?

Choinnich mi rithe

I met her

Cha do choinnich mi ribhse

I haven’t met you

An do choinnich thu rinn?

Have you met us?

Nach do choinnich thu ri mo mhàthair?

Haven’t you met my mother? / Did you not meet my mother?

Choinnich sinn rithe

We met her

Cha do choinnich mi riutsa

I haven’t met you