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Complete for 2 points

A bheil cuimhne agad air Calum?

Do you remember Malcolm?

John, Anne and Finlay used another new structure: cuimhne + aig + air

Cuimhne means a memory and we use it with the prepositions aig and air to ask if someone remembers something.

In this structure, both prepositions aig (at) and air (on) change when used in conjunction with pronouns. They can both be used alone with nouns or people’s names.

Questions and answers for cuimhne + aig + air

We can use the prepositional pronouns for new sentences.

A bheil cuimhne agad air?

Do you remember him?

Nach eil cuimhne agad oirre?

Don’t you remember her?

Tha cuimhne agam orra

I remember them

Chan eil cuimhne agam oirbhse!

I don’t remember you!