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'S dòcha gur e an fhìrinn a th' agad

You might be right

Read this conversation. If you have a friend who’s also learning Gaelic, you could read it together!

Tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gur ann air an trèan(a) a thig iad.

I think they’ll come by train [lit. that it’s on the train they’ll come].

Ach, nach biodh am plèana na b’ fhasa dhaibh?

But wouldn’t the plane be easier for them?

Cha bhitheadh. Chan eil an stèisean faisg air an taigh agus saoilidh mi gur e am plèana as cosgaile cuideachd.

It wouldn’t (be). There isn’t a station near the house, and I think the plan is the most expensive as well.

‘S dòcha gur e an fhìrinn a th’ agad an sin. Tha am plèana fada nas cosgaile.

You’re probably right there (lit. it’s the truth you have there). The plane is much more expensive.