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Comhairle mu chòmhdhail - Dèanta!

Advice about transport - Dèanta!

You should now be confident about:

  • Giving advice to people about transport using the conditional tense | A’ toirt comhairle do dhaoine air còmhdhail leis an tràth chumhach

You should also be confident about:

  • The copula in the past tense: B’ E/CHA B’ E | An ceanglaiche san tràth chaithte: B’ E/CHA B’ E
  • The conditional tense with irregular verbs RACHADH/DHEIGHEADH/THIGEADH | An tràth cumhach neo-riaghailteach: RACHADH/DHEIGHEADH/THIGEADH

Anabarrach math!

You have learnt to talk about Comhairle mu chòmhdhail (Travel directions) in Gaelic! Why not take this mini–test to see how well you’re doing?

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Why not move on to talk about Ceistean mu chòmhdhail (Views on travel)?