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Bilingual transcription: Gur e/Nach e

Bilingual transcription: That is/that isn’t

Watch this clip where Joy gives us some of her favourite useful phrases.

This time it’s a language byte featuring: GUR E/NACH E; GUR ANN/NACH ANN.


We’ve looked before at extended sentences for expressing an opinion or reporting something seen or heard, using gun, that, like ‘I think that…’ or ‘I heard that…’. For example:

Saoilidh mi gu bheil iad gòrach, ‘I think that they’re silly.’

Chuala mi gun robh an trèana fadalach. ‘I heard [that] the train was late.’

In both these sentences we’re using the dependent form of the verb after gun: tha becomes bheil, gu bheil; bha becomes robh, gun robh.

But look out for verbal phrases that use the verb Is. As well as Is e (’S e), and Is ann (’S ann), we’ve met: Is toil leam, I like.

When these are used with gun, it changes to GUR, and the IS is dropped. So: ’S e balach mòr a th’ ann, but Saoilidh mi gur e balach mòr a th’ ann.

Or: ‘S ann às a’ Ghearmailt a tha i. Ach: Chuala mi gur ann às a’ Ghearmailt a tha i.