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An aimsir ann an Alba

The weather in Scotland

We learnt a lot of weather words in A1 and A2. Do you have a view on what’s good or not so good about the weather where you are? Here are some examples to start you off!

Dè an rud as fheàrr mu dheidhinn na h–aimsire ann an Alba? Agus an rud as miosa?

What’s the best thing about the weather in Scotland? And the worst?

‘S e an t–uisge an rud as fheàrr, nam bheachd–sa. ‘S toil leam am fàileadh a bhios ann an dèidh fhrasan mòra.

The rain is the best thing, in my opinion. I like the smell there is after big showers.

Nuair nach eil an aimsir grianach agus nuair a tha an t–uisge, an ceò no a’ ghaoth ann fad na h–ùine, tha an aimsir mì–chàilear.

When the weather isn’t sunny and there is rain, mist/fog or the wind all the time, the weather is unpleasant.

Nuair a tha i teth, ach tha an t–adhar tais, tha i bruthainneach.

When it’s hot, but the sky is damp, it’s muggy.

Ma bhios tu a–muigh ann an lèine nuair a thig fras mhòr, bidh thu drùidhte

If you are out in a shirt when a big shower comes, you’ll be soaked/drenched.

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