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Bilingual transcription: Aimsir is àrainneachd

Bilingual transcription: Weather and environment

Watch this clip where Joy gives us some of her favourite useful phrases.

This time it’s all about: weather and environment!


In Gaelic, the word àrainneachd can mean surroundings but an àrainneachd  is what we use for the environment, or the natural world that we inhabit, an àrainneachd.

We’ve talked about the weather in previous episodes but there’s nothing like a bit of revision on one of my favourite topics. 

Frasan are showers, frasan.

Storms are  stoirmean, stoirmean.

The Gaelic word for gales is gèileachan, gèileachan.

And on occasion we also have, tuiltean, floods, tuiltean.

But something we’re all very aware of now is atharrachadh / na gnàth-shìde, change of the climate, climate change, atharrachadh na gnàth-shìde.

And we can describe some of these changes using a small but very versatile word: fàs. Fàs can mean grow, but it also means becoming, or getting. 

For example, tha an aimsir no an t-sìde a’ fàs / caochlaideach, the weather is becoming changeable, a’ fàs caochlaideach.

And this is as a result of global warming.  Literally in Gaelic, the warming of the planet, blàthachadh / na cruinne, global warming, blàthachadh na cruinne.

If you’ve noticed the climate changing and becoming warmer, and you want to talk about how things have changed, you could say:

Dh’fhàs an geamhradh / na bu bhlàithe. The winter got warmer. Dh’fhàs an geamhradh na bu bhlàithe.

And if you’re a bit pessimistic about how things are going:

Fàsaidh cùisean / nas miosa. Things will get worse. Fàsaidh cùisean nas miosa.

If you have some hope and are wondering if the situation will improve, you could ask:

Am fàs i / nas fheàrr idir? Will it get better at all? Am fàs i nas fheàrr idir?

To answer that question and say that things will improve, it’s:

Fàsaidh cùisean / nas fhèarr. Things will get better. Fàsaidh cùisean nas fheàrr.

Or, if your answer is simply that it won’t, that things won’t improve, you can reply:

Chan fhàs cùisean / nas fheàrr. Things will not get better. Chan fhàs cùisean nas fheàrr.