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Às dèidh nan stoirmean — Dèanta!

After the storms - Done!

You should now be confident about:

  • what happens after bad weather | na thachras às dèidh droch aimsire

You should also be confident about:

  • compound prepositions: ÀS DÈIDH | roimhearan fillte: ÀS DÈIDH
  • saying why with AIR SGÀTH, A CHIONN ‘S, OIR | ag ràdh carson le AIR SGÀTH, A CHIONN ‘S, OIR

Anabarrach math!

You have learnt to talk about Às dèidh nan stoirmean (After the storms) in Gaelic! Why not take this mini–test to see how well you’re doing?


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