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Fliuch, fuar, gruamach

Wet, cold and gloomy

Let’s have a look at this discussion. By the end of this section, you will have learned some valuable phrases that you can use in lots of different conversations.

Halò, Fhionnlaigh! Dè do bheò an–diugh? Hallo, Finlay! How’s it going today?
Fliuch, fuar, gruamach. Agus chan eil an t–sìde ro mhath nas motha! Wet, cold and gloomy. And the weather’s not too good either!
Tha fios ’am. Tha i cho mosach ri mathan a–muigh an sin! I know. It’s as miserable as a bear out there!
A bheil? Is it?
Tha gu dearbh! Agus tha i cho garbh ris an ròcas! It is indeed! And it’s as rough as the rook!
Seadh! Agus mise cho fliuch ri sgarbh! Uh–huh! And here’s me as wet as a cormorant!
Tha truas agam riut! Poor you! (I pity you!)
Bheil thu cinnteach gu bheil i cho dona ri sin a–muigh an sin? Are you sure it’s as bad as that out there?
Tha. Tha mi cinnteach às! Agus tha i cho fuar ris a’ phuinnsean! I am. I’m sure of it! And it’s as cold as (the) poison!
Dìreach an àbhaist, ma–thà! Just the usual, then!