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Nas fheàrr no nas miosa?

Better or worse?

We saw how we used the verb fàs (grow, become) when we are talking about the environment. Let’s add some useful verbs you can use to express your thoughts when talking about the environment.

glèidh (v)

keep, conserve, protect

atharraich (v)

change, alter, vary

blàthaich (v)

warm, heat up

fàs (v)

grow, become

dèan cron air


mill (v)

destroy, spoil damage

We looked at gnìomhairean riaghailteach (regular verbs) and gnìomhairean neoriaghailteach (irregular verbs) san tràth theachdail (in the future tense) in A1 and A2.

An atharraich an tsìde ann an Alba?✅ Atharraichidh.⛔ Chan atharraich.
Wil the weather change in Scotland?It will (change).It will not (change).
Am fàs tuiltean nas miosa?✅ Fàsaidh.⛔ Chan fhàs.
Will the floods get worse?They will (get/grow).They will not (get/grow).
An dèan plastaig cron air an àrainneachd?✅ Nì.⛔ Cha dèan.
Will plastic do damage to the environment?It will (do).It will not (do).
Am blàthaich an tuisge anns an Artaig?✅ Blàthaichidh.⛔ Cha bhlàthaich.
Will the water warm in the Arctic?It will (warm).It will not (warm).
Am mill sinn àitichean glèidhteachais?✅ Millidh.⛔ Cha mhill.
Will we ruin the conservation areas?We will (ruin).We will not (ruin).
Beò an dòchas

Ever hopeful

As we saw, we use gun and nach to add a clàs eisimeileach (dependent clause) to a sentence. We see an example with fàs in this table.

… gum fàs
… nach fhàs