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Nach eil an aimsir a' fàs nas caochlaidiche?

Isn't the weather becoming more changeable?

Let’s have a look at this discussion. By the end of this section, you will have learned some valuable phrases that you can use in lots of different conversations.

Nach eil an aimsir a’ fàs nas caochlaidiche? Isn’t the weather becoming more changeable?
Nam bheachd–sa, tha. In my opinion it is.
Chan eil mi a’ smaoineachadh gu bheil i nas fhuaire na bha i, ge–tà. I don’t think it’s colder than it was, though.
Dìreach. Indeed.
Ach tha na geamhraidhean fliuch—nas fliuiche, mar a bhios na samhraidhean cuideachd. But the winters are wet, wetter, as are the summers as well.
Aig a’ cheart àm, tha na samhraidhean air a bhith nas teotha! Am-bliadhna, ‘s e an samhradh as teotha a th’ air a bhith againn! At the same time, the summers have been hotter. This year it’s the hottest summer we’ve had!
Dhòmhsa, tha sin a’ ciallachadh gu bheil an aimsir a’ fàs nas miosa! For me, that means that the weather is getting worse!
Chan e a-mhàin gu bheil na geamhraidhean nas fliuiche, tha iad nas blàithe! It isn’t just that the winters are wetter, they are warmer!
Agus dè mu dheidhinn stoirmean? And what about storms?
Uill, nach robh iad riamh againn ann an Alba? Well, haven’t we always had them in Scotland?
Ach saoilidh mi gu bheil iad nas cumanta, nas bitheanta na bha iad riamh roimhe. … But I think that they’re more common, more frequent than ever they were before.
‘S e an fhìrinn a th’ agad! You said it! (And that’s the truth you have!)