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There were a few words and phrases there which you can use when talking about the environment.

Let’s look at them again in context.

Nach eil an aimsir a’ fàs nas caochlaidiche?

Isn’t the weather becoming more changeable?

Tha sin a’ ciallachadh gu bheil an aimsir a’ fàs nas miosa!

That means that the weather is getting worse!

Tha na geamhraidhean fliuch— nas fliuiche.

The winters are wet, wetter.

Tha na samhraidhean air a bhith nas teotha!

The summers have been hotter!

…an samhradh as teotha a th’ air a bhith againn!

…the hottest summer we’ve had!

Saoilidh mi gu bheil iad nas cumanta, nas bitheanta.

I think that they’re more common, more frequent.

Gu tur


We often joke about the weather we have here in Scotland, and we can use gu tur to say things aren’t all, or completely bad!

gu tur (adv)

absolutely, completely

Chan eil e gu tur dona

It’s not all bad


Gaoth na rionnaig earraich; teas na rionnaig samhraidh; uisge na rionnaig foghair; reothadh na rionnaig geamhraidh

The wind of the spring star; the heat of the summer star; the rain of the autumn star; the frost of the winter star