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Complete for 2 points

Chan eil mi ag obair

I am not working

People may not work for a number of reasons and we will look at them just now. 


leave, furlough

fòrladh màthaireil

maternity leave

fòrladh athaireil

paternity leave

We can use similar structures to the ones we know and use!

Tha mi air fòrladh màthaireil

I am on maternity leave

Tha mi gun obair

I am unemployed

Tha mi air m’ obair a leigeil dhìom

I have retired.

Chan eil mi ag obair an-dràsta

I don’t work just now.

Chan eil mi ag obair a-nis

I don’t work now.

Chan eil fhathast!

Not yet!

‘S e oileanach a th’ annam

I am a student.

‘S e sgoilear a th’ annam

I am a pupil.

You may also hear this, but we will go over the grammar in this statement further on in SpeakGaelic. 

Leig mi dhìom mo dhreuchd

I retired