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Complete for 2 points

Cluich le obraichean

Play with the jobs

Play with the pronouns and jobs to learn the sentences.

Dè an obair a th’

What is the job that
agam? I have? agad? you have? aige? he has? aice? she has? againn? we have? agaibh? you have? aca? they have?

’S e

It is
dotair a doctor tidsear a teacher cunntasair an accountant manaidsear a manager

a th’ annam.

that is in me.

’S e cunntasair a th’

It is an accountant that is
annam in me annad in you ann in him innte in her

’S e

It is
dotairean doctors tidsearan teachers cunntasairean accountants manaidsearan managers

a th’ annainn.

that is in us.

’S e cunntasairean a th’

It is accountants that is
annainn in us annaibh in you annta in them