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Dràma: Dè an obair a th’ agad?

Drama: What work do you have?

Let’s have a look at this conversation. By the end of this short section, you will be able to have this conversation! 

A bheil obair agad? Do you have a job?
Tha. A bheil obair agaibh fhèin? Yes, do you have a job yourself?
Tha, mòran taing. I do, many thanks.
’S e ur beatha. You are welcome.
Càit a bheil thu ag obair? Where do you work?
Tha mi ag obair ann an Dùn Èideann. I work in Edinburgh.
Nach eil thu ag obair ann an Glaschu? Don’t you work in Glasgow?
Chan eil, tha mi ag obair ann an oifis aig an Riaghaltas ann an Dùn Èideann. Càit a bheil sibhse ag obair? No, I work in an office at the Government in Edinburgh. Where do you work?
Tha mi ag obair ann an sgoil anns Na Hearadh agus tha mi ag obair ann am bothan anns a’ ghàrradh. I work in a school in Harris and I work in a shed in the garden.
Iongantach! Amazing!