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Structair: bruidhinn mu sheann obraichean

Structure: talking about past jobs

What happens if you want to talk about past jobs? You might be talking to someone who no longer works, or once had an incredible job or you might just be struggling to keep a conversation going. We’ll go over the simple past tense just now. You already know the structures.

An robh thu ag obair?

Were you working?

Nach robh sibh ag obair?

Weren’t you working?

We know that A bheil becomes An robh …? in the past tense, tha becomes bha and chan eil becomes cha robh.

A bheil … ? -> An robh …? 

Nach eil …? -> Nach robh …? 

An robh …?

Was …?

Nach robh …?

Wasn’t … ?

Càit uses a bheil so that also changes to an robh in the past tense, tha becomes bha and chan eil becomes cha robh. 

For every other question, change tha to bha.

Dè an obair a bh’ agad?

What was your job?

Dè an obair a bh’ agaibh?

What was your job?

Change tha to bha in ‘s e statements and their questions too to talk about past jobs.