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In English we use tone of voice but Gaelic has emphatic forms for pronouns to do this!

annam annamsa 
annad annadsa 
ann annsan 
innte inntese 
annainn annainne 
annaibh annaibhse 
annta anntasan 

’S e dealbhadair a th’ annadsa

You’re a designer

’S e dealbhadair a th’ inntese

She’s a designer

We are also comfortable in asking people directly what their job is by using Dè an obair a th’ agad / a th’ agaibh, but we might be talking about others. Let’s take a quick look back at the prepositional pronouns and learn the emphatic form.

aig + mi agam have / at me 
aig + thu agad have / at you 
aig + e aige have / at him / it 
aig + i aice have / at her / it 
aig + sinn againn have / at us 
aig + sibh agaibh have / at you  
aig + iad aca have / at them 

Dè an obair a th’ aige?

What job does he have?

Dè an obair a th’ aice?

What job does she have?

agam agamsahave / at me
agad agadsahave / at you
aige aigesanhave / at him
aice aicesehave / at her
againn againnehave / at us
agaibh agaibhsehave / at you
aca acasanhave / at them

Dè an obair a th’ aigesan?

What job does he have?

Dè an obair a th’ aicese?

What job does she have?