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A bheil thu tinn?

Are you sick?

We know the questions to ask to see how someone is, but how do we answer them? What do we need to know to express our pain in Gaelic? Let’s go! 

A bheil thu tinn?

Are you sick?

A bheil sibh tinn?

Are you sick?

Dè tha ceàrr?

What’s wrong?

Dè tha ceàrr ort?

What’s wrong with you?

Dè tha ceàrr oirbh?

What’s wrong with you?

Here are two ways of answering this question. We can use the same type of answers that we give to ‘Ciamer a tha sibh?’.

Chan eil mi gu math

I am not good

Tha mi sgìth

I am tired

Tha mi tinn

I am sick

Tha mi bochd

I am poorly

Tha mi meadhanach

I am middling

 You use this in the same context as the English phrase ‘I am not 100%’.   

Tha mi cho sgìth ri seann chù

I am as tired as an old dog

In Gaelic, if someone is suffering from a physical ailment, we state that it is physically on them!

Tha … orm

I have …

Tha (an) cnatan orm

I have the cold

This literally translates as ‘The cold is upon me’. 

Tha (an) dèideadh oirbh

You have toothache

Tha cur-na-mara oirnn

We are seasick

Tha ceann goirt orm

I have a sore head