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The Weather

Complete for 2 points

Bilingual transcription - Dachaigh ùr: An aimsir

Bilingual transcription - New home: the weather

The neighbours discuss the weather.

Tha an t-sìde àlainn an-diugh, nach eil. The weather is lovely today isn’t it.
Tha. Tha i brèagha is blàth. Yes. It’s lovely and warm.
Nach eil i brèagha a Mhàrtainn? Isn’t it lovely Màrtainn?
Tha an aimsir math an-diugh. It is warm today.
Bha i fuar an-dè. It was cold yesterday.
Agus, bha i fliuch a-raoir. And it was wet last night.
Tha i tioram an-diugh. It’s dry today.
Tha i blàth an-diugh. It’s warm today.
Tha, tha i blàth. Yes, it is warm.
Tha a’ ghrian ann! It’s sunny!
Tha i tioram! It’s dry!
Tha i brèagha! It’s lovely!
Tha i àlainn! It is lovely!
Agus, tha i ciùin. And it’s settled.