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The Weather

Complete for 2 points

Bilingual transcription - Air-loidhne: An aimsir

Bilingual transcription - Online: The weather

Ailis, Anndra, Seumas and Catrìona all meet up online to discuss the weather on specific days in certain locations.

Ciamar a bha an t-sìde agaibh ann an Glaschu an-dè Ailis? How was the weather in Glasgow yesterday Ailis?
Dè an latha a bh’ ann an-dè? What day was it yesterday?
’S e Diardaoin a bh’ ann an-dè! It was Thursday yesterday!
’S e! ’S e Diardaoin a bh’ ann an-dè. Bha an t-sìde ann an Glaschu fuar ach tioram. Yes! It was Thursday yesterday. The weather in Glasgow was cold but dry.
Bha i garbh ann an Arcaibh an-dè agus Diciadain. Bha i garbh Dimàirt cuideachd, agus tha gèile againn ann an Arcaibh an-diugh. It was wild in Orkney yesterday and Wednesday. It was wild on Tuesday as well, and we have a gale in Orkney today.
An robh sneachd agaibh anns a’ Ghearasdan, Anndra? Did you have snow in Fort William, Anndra?
Bha sneachd againn Dimàirt. Cha robh sneachd againn Diciadain, agus cha robh sneachd againn Diardaoin. Bha i fuar ge-tà. We had snow on Tuesday. We didn’t have snow on Wednesday, and we didn’t have snow on Thursday. It was cold though.
Ciamar a bha an aimsir ann am Madrid a Chatrìona? An robh… How was the weather in Madrid Catriona? Was it…
Tha gèile ann an Arcaibh. Tha dealanaich agus tàirneanaich ann an Arcaibh an-dràsta! It’s blowing a gale in Orkney. There’s thunder and lightning in Orkney just now!
Ciamar a bha an aimsir ann am Madrid a Chatrìona? How was the weather in Madrid Catriona?
Uill, bha i grianach agus blàth Disathairne, bha i grianach agus teth Didomhnaich, bha i grianach Diluain, Dimàirt, Diciadain agus Diardaoin. Agus an-diugh tha i… uill… Well, it was sunny and warm on Saturday, it was sunny and hot on Sunday, it was sunny Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And today it’s… well…
Tha i grianach agus blàth? It’s sunny and warm?
Tha. Tha i àlainn. Yes. It’s lovely.