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The Weather

Complete for 2 points

A bheil reothadh ann?

Is there a frost?

Let’s practice what we have learnt.

A bheil i tioram?

Is it dry?

Nach eil i snog?

Isn’t it nice?

Chan eil i grianach

It isn’t sunny

A bheil bogha-froise ann?

Is there a rainbow?

Tha fras ann

There is a shower

Chan eil tuil ann

There is not a flood

Nach eil dìle-bhàite ann?

Is there not a downpour?

A bheil i blàth?

Is it warm?

Nach eil i teth?

Isn’t it hot?

Chan eil i fuar

It isn’t cold

A bheil turadh ann?

Is there a dry spell?

Tha reothadh ann

There is frost

Chan eil gèile ann

There is not a gale

Nach eil gaoth ann?

Is there not wind?