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The Weather

Complete for 2 points

An aimsir & an t-sìde

The weather & the weather

Find out from Joy how to ask and say what the weather is like.

Right, there are two words you will commonly hear in Gaelic when people talk about the weather. 

an aimsir (f)

the weather

an t-sìde (f)

the weather

The simplest way to ask about the weather is to use the “Ciamar a tha …?” structure. 

Ciamar a tha an aimsir?

How is the weather?

Ciamar a tha an t-sìde?

How is the weather?

Tha i …

Both nouns for the weather are feminine, so use i for it when you answer the question. 

Tha i …

It (she) is …

Tha i fliuch

It is wet

Tha i grianach

It is sunny