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The Weather

Complete for 2 points

Ag aithris na h-aimsire le buadhairean

Describe the weather with adjectives

We have already met the Yes/No question on our Gaelic learning journey! 


We can ask also ask a negative Yes/No question (Isn’t…? Aren’t?…) using Nach eil instead of A bheil.  This is similar to the negative statement Chan eil.

This structure uses A bheil i + buadhair (adjective)?,  you also have the means to make the following structures:  

Nach eil i …?

Isn’t it …?

Chan eil i …

It is not …

Nach eil i fliuch?

Isn’t it wet?

Nach eil i garbh?

Isn’t it rough?

Chan eil i fliuch

Isn’t not wet

Chan eil i garbh

Isn’t not rough