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The Weather

Complete for 2 points

Bha i fliuch

It was wet

Let’s look at the existing weather sentences we have learnt and re-create them in the past tense.



Bha i …

It (she) was …

Bha i fliuch

It was wet

Bha i grianach

it was sunny

An robh …?

Was it …?

An robh i garbh?

Was it awful?

An robh i ceòthach?

Was it misty?

Nach robh i fliuch?

Wasn’t it wet?

Nach robh i garbh?

Wasn’t it awful?

Cha robh i fliuch

It was not wet

Cha robh i garbh

It was not awful

An robh dealanach ann?

Was there lightning?

Nach robh stoirm ann?

Was there not a storm?

Nach robh gaoth ann?

Was there not wind?

Bha fras ann

There was a shower