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The Weather

Complete for 2 points

An robh i garbh anns a’ Ghearasdan?

Was the weather awful in Fort William?

This also works with the other past tense sentences we have learnt. 

Bha i fliuch anns an Òban

It was wet in Oban

Bha i grianach anns an Eilean Sgitheanach

It was sunny in Skye

An robh i garbh anns a’ Ghearasdan?

Was it awful in Fort William?

An robh i ceòthach ann am Peairt?

Was it misty in Perth?

Nach robh i garbh anns an Spàinn?

Wasn’t it awful in Spain?

Cha robh i fliuch anns a’ Phòlainn

It was not wet in Poland

An robh dealanach ann ann an Leòdhas?

Was there lightning in Lewis?

Nach robh stoirm ann ann am Muile?

Was there not a storm in Mull?

Bha fras ann ann an Tiriodh

There was a shower in Tiree