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Complete for 2 points

Structair: An e Albannach a th’ annad?

Structure: Are you a Scot?

There are already a couple of grammar points we need to take into consideration. 

We will meet this structure often on our Gaelic learning journey! It’s officially known as the copula and people may try to tell you it’s difficult. It is not and you don’t need that negativity! 

’S e Albannach a th’ ann

He’s a Scot

What happens if you want to say what another person’s nationality is, or your own? We need to learn the correct prepositional pronouns to give us these new sentences. We often use the preposition ann an (in) with a pronoun (e.g. I, you, it), to give us phrases such as “in + me” and “in + you”. 

Let’s learn the other prepositional pronouns.

ann + mi annam in me 
ann + thu annad in you 
ann + e ann in him / it 
ann + i innte in her / it 
ann + sinn annainn in us 
ann + sibh annaibh in you  
ann + iad annta in them 

’S e Albannach a th’ annam

I am a Scot

’S e Albannach a th’ annad

You are a Scot

’S e Albannach a th’ innte

She is a Scot