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Sibh & thu

What’s the difference between sibh and thu? 

We have already looked at the two words for ‘you’ in Gaelic:  sibh  and  thu.  Use  sibh  to talk to someone older than you, someone in authority, a stranger or more than one person and  thu  when you speak to a child or friend. 

What about asking after other people? Let’s remind ourselves of the Gaelic pronouns and we can practice this new structure.

English pronoun Gaelic pronoun Emphasis 
I / me mi mise 
you thu thusa 
he e esan 
she i ise 
us sinn sinne 
you sibh sibhse 
them iad iadsan 

Cò às a tha mi?

Where am I from?

Cò às a tha thu?

Where are you from? 

Cò às a tha e?

Where is he from? 

Cò às a tha i?

Where is she from?

Cò às a tha sinn?

Where are we from?

Cò às a tha sibh?

Where are you from? 

Cò às a tha iad?

Where are they from?