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Complete for 2 points

A bheil …?

Is …?

There are a couple of grammar points we need to take into consideration.

It is clear that this sentence follows the Gaelic language structure Verb | Subject and we have enough names or pronouns and place to fill in the blanks.

A bheil … à … ?

Is / are … from …?

A bheil … às … ?

Is / are … from …?

A bheil i às an Eadailt?

Is she from Italy? 

A bheil Ruairidh à Steòrnabhagh?

Is Derek from Stornoway?

We know that from becomes à / às dependent on whether the Gaelic place name has a definite article  An | Am | A’ (or the  in English).

We know how to ask the question, but do we know how to answer? Yes, we do. Answering a question in Gaelic is dependent on how it is asked, so listen carefully when someone asks. 


Yes (literally is)

Chan eil

No (literally is not)