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Is e & ’s e

Is e and the shortened version ’s e are really important to learn in Gaelic. You cannot use tha e to join two nouns, or a noun and pronoun, together: you need is e, or its shortened version, ’s e.

Is e

it is (literally is it)

’S e

it is (literally is it)

’S e baile beag a th’ ann

it is a small town

You use Tha in the following scenarios 

To make descriptive statements: tha an dùthaich beag – the country is small 

To say where things are: tha e ann an Alba – he is in Scotland 

With a verb: tha e ag èisteachd – he is listening 

In the sentence ’S e baile beag a th’ ann, it is important to note that Is has been shortened to ’s  as a vowel follows it. This is common. You might see the full version in other resources, so don’t be confused by this.