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A bheil i à Dùn Dè?

Is she from Dundee?

Joy explains Scottish Gaelic word order and why there are no simple Gaelic words for yes and no.

We know how to ask people general questions about where they are from, but you might wish to guess exactly where someone is from. Let’s learn the structure: 

A bheil … à … ?

Is / are … from …?

A bheil … às … ?

Is / are … from …?

A bheil thu à Dùn Dè?

Are you from Dundee?

A bheil i às an Eadailt?

Is she from Italy? 

A bheil iad às an Spàinn?

Are they from Spain?

A bheil Eilidh à Glaschu?

Is Helen from Glasgow?

A bheil Ruairidh à Steòrnabhagh?

Is Derek from Stornoway?

Remember that  à (from) becomes às if the Gaelic place name has a definite article An | Am | A’ (the in English).