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À no Às?

À or Às?

Most countries are feminine nouns and take the definite article An | A’  (or ‘the’ in English). We will learn more about this in future lessons. 

The countries which take the definite article An | A’  (or ‘the’ in English) use the structure Tha mi às. 

Tha mi às

I am from

Let’s put that with the countries we have learnt.

Tha mi às an Fhraing

I am from France

Tha mi às an Eadailt

I am from Italy

Tha mi às an Spàinn

I am from Spain

Tha mi às an Ostair

I am from Austria

Tha mi às an Danmhairg

I am from Denmark

Tha mi às a’ Ghearmailt

I am from Germany

Tha mi às a’ Bheilg

I am from Belgium

Tha mi às a’ Chuimrigh

I am from Wales

Tha mi às a’ Phòlainn

I am from Poland

Tha mi às a’ Ghrèig

I am from Greece

Tha mi às an Òlaind

I am from Holland

The countries which don’t take the definite article use the structure Tha mi à.

Tha mi à

I am from

Let’s put this with the countries we have learnt.

Tha mi à Alba

I am from Scotland

Tha mi à Èirinn

I am from Ireland

Tha mi à Sasainn

I am from England

Tha mi à Nirribhidh

I am from Norway

Does the country have the article? Use 
Yes às 
What about other people? Let’s remind ourselves of the Gaelic pronouns and we can practice this new structure. 
English pronoun Gaelic pronoun 
I/ me mi 
you thu 
he e 
she i 
us sinn 
you sibh 
them iad 

Tha mi às an Fhraing

I am from France

Tha thu às an Eadailt

You are from Italy

Tha e às a’ Ghearmailt

He is from Germany

Tha i às a’ Bheilg

She is from Belgium

Tha sinn à Nirribhidh

We are from Norway

Tha sibh à Alba

You are from Scotland

Tha iad à Èirinn

They are from Ireland