Complete for 2 points

Tha an t-acras orm!

I am hungry!

Joy tells us how to talk about what you are eating and drinking.

You will remember from Topic 3 that in Gaelic if someone is suffering from a physical ailment, we state that it is physically on them! This is also true of thirst and hunger.

Tha… orm

I have …

Tha (an) cnatan orm

I have the cold

Tha an t-acras orm

I am hungry

Tha am pathadh orm

I am thirsty

This literally says the hunger is upon me!

Joy can explain this!

We now have a load of questions and ways to answer them.

A bheil an t-acras air Ruairidh?

Is Derek hungry?

Nach eil an t-acras air Ealasaid?

Isn’t Elizabeth hungry?

Tha an t-acras orra

They are hungry

Chan eil an t-acras oirre

She is not hungry

A bheil am pathadh air?

Is he thirsty?

Nach eil am pathadh air Dòmhnall?

Isn’t Donald thirsty?

Tha am pathadh oirnne

We are thirsty

Chan eil am pathadh oirbh

You are not thirsty