Complete for 2 points

Dè dh’ith Iain a-raoir?

What did John eat last night?

Let’s have a look at this conversation. By the end of this short section, you will be able to have this conversation! 

Dh’ith mise iasg agus sliseagan a-raoir. I ate fish and chips last night.
Am bi thu ag ithe iasg? Do you eat fish?
Bidh. Bidh mi ag ithe a h-uile rud. Dh’ith mi gach rud a-raoir. I do. I eat everything. I ate everything last night.
Dè dh’ith thu a-raoir? What did you eat last night?
Dh’ith mi iasg is sliseagan, coiridh, piotsa agus cèic. I ate fish and chips, curry, pizza and cake.
An do dh’ith thu coiridh agus piotsa an-dè? Did you eat curry and pizza yesterday.
Dh’ith, bha iad blasta. I did, they were tasty.
Nach do dh’ith thu measan no glasraich? Did you not eat fruit or vegetables?
Dh’ith mi sliseagan. I ate chips.
Mo chreach! My goodness!
Cha do dh’ith mi measan sam bith. Bha mi cho làn ri ugh, Anna. I did not eat any fruit. I was as full as an egg, Anne.
Chan eil thu glic! You are not wise!