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Bilingual transcription - Dachaigh ùr: Biadh

Bilingual transcription - New home: Food

The residents in the new house discuss food.

A bheil an t-acras ort? Are you hungry?
Hmm, tha, tha an t-acras orm. Hmmm, yes, I am hungry.
Dè tha thu ag iarraidh ma-tha? What would you like then?
Tha mi ag iarraidh… aran… I want… bread…
An gabh thu tost? Will you have toast?
Gabhaidh. Gabhaidh mi tost. Is toil leam tost. A bheil an t-acras oirbhse? Yes. I’ll have toast. I like toast. Are you hungry?
Chan eil an t-acras orm. Ach tha am pathadh orm. A bheil am pathadh ort fhèin? No I’m not hungry. But I’m thirsty. Are you thirsty?
Tha am pathadh orm. I am thirsty.
An gabh thu cofaidh? Will you have coffee?
Aohh cha ghabh! Cha ghabh mi cofaidh idir! Ugh, no! I won’t have coffee at all!
An gabh thu sùgh? Will you have juice?
Gabhaidh. Gabhaidh mi sùgh orains. Yes. I’ll have orange juice.
Glè mhath. Sùgh orains agus tost. Very good. Orange juice and toast.
Dè tha sibhse ag òl? Tì? What are you drinking? Tea?
Uill, is toil leam tì ach ’s e cofaidh as fheàrr leam. Gabhaidh mise cofaidh le bainne. Well, I like tea but I prefer coffee. I’ll have coffee with milk.
Agus sùgh orains le tost. And orange juice with toast.