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Bho dhona gu nas miosa

From bad to worse

What happens if something is worse rather than better? Never fear, we have the info.



nas miosa


as miosa

the worst

How do I use nas miosa?

Use nas miosa in the same way you use dona. It is a comparative adjective.

Tha buntàta dona

Potatoes are bad

Tha cèic nas miosa

Cake is worse

Tha briosgaidean nas miosa

Biscuits are worse

How do I compare two items and say one is worse than the other?

Use the word na to make comparisons between two things.

Tha measan nas miosa na glasraich

Fruit is worse than vegetables

Tha briosgaidean nas miosa na isbeanan

Biscuits are worse than sausages

Tha marag-dhubh nas miosa na cèic

Black pudding is worse than cake

Tha tì nas miosa na uisge-beatha

Tea is worse than whisky

How do I say the worst?

If you want to say something is the worst, then you need to use Is e, or ’s e – the assertive verb as you are asserting something.

Is e seo am buntàta as miosa

This is the worst potato

Is e sin a’ chèic as miosa

That is the worst cake

Is e siud na briosgaidean as miosa

Those are the worst biscuits over there

Tha ugh dona ach tha marag-dhubh nas miosa ach ’s e isbeanan am biadh as miosa

An egg is bad but black pudding is worse but sausages are the worst food

Tha e dona

It / He is bad

Tha i nas miosa

It / She is worse

Tha mi nas miosa

I am worse

Tha an aimsir nas miosa

The weather is worse