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John and Anne discussed John’s morning and Anne asked a lot of questions in the habitual tense.  She used one question repeatedly.

Dè bhios tu …?

What do you …?

Dè bhios … ?

What do …?

John used a structure we have met before. 

Bidh mi

I do

Cha bhi mi

I don’t


() do

Cha bhi

() don’t

We have met to be in the past, bha, in the present, tha, and in the future, bidh. We know bidh is also used to describe things you do regularly and repeatedly. This is known as the habitual present. You use it in the exact same way as tha and bha. You should have enough understanding to know when bidh is used in the future tense or habitual present, and it should be clear from the context. 

When we learnt to ask questions, we just used the following forms: 

Am bi …?

Do … / Will …?

Nach bi …?

Don’t … / Won’t …?

Questions such as  ‘what’ need a different form in the future and habitual tense and that’s bhios

Dè bhios …?

What do ….?