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Ainmean nam mìosan

The names of the months

Let’s look at some of the names of the months in Gaelic

Am Faoilleach

This comes from an old word, faol, meaning wolf, and January means the wolf-month.

An Gearran

The word gearran also means a spayed horse. This is just a coincidence and we don’t know the link.

Am Màrt

This is easy to remember as it named after the Roman God Mars, like March.

An Lùnastal

The Gaelic for August, the name comes from the old god Lugh who was the pagan god of the sun.

An Dàmhair

October is when the stag roars and makes a noise in the glens. Dàmh is the Gaelic for a stag. Apparently dàir is thought to mean disturbance.

An t-Samhain

November was the great Celtic festival at the beginning of winter, and the last night before the beginning of November – Halloween.

An Dùbhlachd

The last month is December – the month which is dark and that is what the name implies.