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Cuin a bhios sibh a’ gabhail dinnear?

When do you have dinner?

John and Anne discussed a lot of things and John asked a lot of questions about Anne’s daily habits.  These are all slight variants of these questions. 

Cuin a bhios sibh a’ gabhail dinnear?

When do you have dinner?

Cuin as toil leibh a bhith a’ gabhail fras?

When do you like to take a shower?

Càit am bi sibh a’ gabhail lòn?

Where do you have lunch?

Cuin a bhios sibh a’ cur aodach ort?

When do you put clothes on?

Ciamar a bhios sibh a’ siubhal gu Steòrnabhagh?

How do you travel to Stornoway?

Am bi sibh a’ gabhail uisge gach latha?

Do you have water every day?

Anne’s answers all began with some familiar responses. 

Bidh mise a’ gabhail dinnear aig seachd uairean.

I have dinner at seven o’ clock.

Is toil le Dòmhnall a bhith a’ gabhail fras aig trì uairean sa mhadainn.

Donald likes to take a shower at three o’clock in the morning.

Bidh Ealasaid a’ gabhail lòn anns an taigh-bìdh gach latha.

Elizabeth has lunch in the restaurant every day.

Cha bhi Calum a’ cur aodach air.

Malcolm does not put clothes on.

Cha bhi Coinneach a’ siubhal gu Steòrnabhagh.

Kenneth does not travel to Stornoway.

Bidh ise a’ gabhail uisge gach latha.

She has water every day.