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Dè naidheachd a fhuair Iain?

What news did John get?

Let’s have a look at this conversation. By the end of this short section, you will be able to have this conversation! 

Bha mi a’ bruidhinn ri do mhàthair an-dè. I was talking to your mum yesterday.
An robh? Fuirich mionaid. A bheil sibh eòlach air mo mhàthair? Were you? Wait a minute. Do you know my mother?
Tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gu bheil. I think so.
Dè an t-ainm a th’ oirre? What is her name?
Mairead Chaimbeul. Margaret Campbell.
Is ise mo mhàthair. She is my mother.
An d’ fhuair thu litir bho d’ athair an-dè? Did you get a letter from your father yesterday?
Cha d’ fhuair. No, I didn’t.
Nach d’ fhuair? Tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gun robh do mhàthair a’ bruidhinn mu litir. Didn’t you? I think your mum was talking about a letter.
Fhuair mi post-d bho m’ athair. I got an email from my dad.
An d’ fhuair thu naidheachd? Did you get news?
Tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gun robh naidheachd agam. I think I had news.
Nach d’ fhuair thu naidheachd mhath? Didn’t you get some good news?
Tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gun robh e a’ bruidhinn ri mo phiuthar, Ealasaid. I think he was talking to my sister, Elizabeth.
Agus an robh naidheachd aice? And did she have news?
Tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gun robh. I think so.
Tha seo pianail, Iain. Dè naidheachd a fhuair thu? This is painful, John. What news did you get?
Chan e an naidheachd agamsa a th’ ann! It’s not my news!